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About Chris Bobb

Chris is what we (and he himself) call a "geek". He has a love for most things video game, board game, comic, LEGO, sci-fi and fantasy related. While not doing something related to those he can often be found hanging out with his awesome wife and son. ...or eating. He loves food too.
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First Contact

The time has come once again. It’s a Friday night. To most that might mean going to a movie, going out with friends, or staying up to binge watch that show you’ve fallen behind on via Netflix. To me it means I get to continue my journey, continue my exploration of this never ending universe [...]

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That’s No Supermoon…

Well ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, we finally have our first full taste of a 65daysofstatic song that will officially be on the soundtrack for No Man’s Sky. This first (and only?) single is titled “Supermoon” and comes in at just under four and a half minutes. You can listen [...]

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The Instinct Calls

To say that No Man’s Sky has just a slight bit of hype surrounding it would be somewhat of an understatement. Especially now that we officially have a release window, the hype train got a new set of wheels and is back on the track with destination in sight. But why? Hundreds of games are [...]

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