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About Alex Schafferhans

Alex lives near Munich, Germany, and is an avid sci-fi fan. He's interested in everything about gaming (including board games). Also into anything astronomical, technical and philosophical and is a drummer with all his heart. He loves to read and write and also likes rowing - yes, he's a nerd! And since it seems to be common for most of his colleagues here: he likes food, too! Alex has a 7 year old son, so there's a lot of work still to do in slowly pushing him towards Star Wars and oth.... oh, wait - already done!
  • Subzero Planet

Surviving on an icy planet in No Man’s Sky

Imagine for a second you are Ryan McCaffrey, Senior Editor with IGN. And you sit together with Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games. You are sitting there chatting about No Man’s Sky when suddenly Sean is handing you the game controller and you instantly have to switch tasks: from interviewing Sean to surviving on an [...]