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All about: No Man’s Sky Special Editions

Today, Hello Games announced No Man’s Sky’s release date, and exactly what’s waiting for those who get it early. We’ll discuss a few special editions of the game, as well as merchandise and gear to be released and their pricings.

No Man’s Sky on PC: Explorer Edition

Webshop iam8bit announced to sell No Man Sky’s PC game as a collectable Explorer’s Edition, which is to be released at a maximum of no more than 10,000 copies in total. This special edition includes the game for the PC, but also a hand-painted replica of a ship from the game. You will receive some decals to make that ship your own, a No Man’s Sky pin, a diorama backdrop for the replica and a mystery item which will be announced on launch day (june 21st). This entire deal could be yours exclusively bought at iam8bit.

PS4: Special Edition

Playstation4 players don’t be alarmed, for you guys there will be a special edition available when you buy the game through GameStop. In this edition you get the main game, albeit neatly packaged inside a steel bookcase. In addition, a 48-page artbook, an exclusive comic, a dynamic PS4 theme and a Starter Pack consisting of a ship boost, some bonus resources, and an in-game weapon blueprint to get you ahead of the competition.

Merchandise and gear

Hello Games has also confirmed that the regular version of No Man’s Sky will be available on June 21 for $59.99 / €59.99 on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Other No Man’s Sky merchandise from iam8bit include a double LP vinyl record soundtrack ($35), an Atlas T-shirt ($23), an Atlas pen ($10), a set of eight cards ($20), and several prints and posters, with pricing ranging from $ 25 to $ 60. Expect more merchandise and the sort to be released in the (near) future.

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