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Start over, now is a good time!

When 1.3 hit, it ended a very long, agonizing wait to see where Hello Games would do to reveal what the end of the ARG (Alternate Reality Game) would mean for No Man’s Sky. The story showed us elements of time travel, dimensional planes and artificial intelligence. But what did this all mean? On patch day we all got a little more than we bargained for. It’s a good time to start again!

Everything rises alright!

Atlas Rises is the second coming in a patch. A near relaunch of the game itself. Story, procedural missions, new ships, and a real nifty terrain editor. I couldn’t believe my eyes watching the patch trailer. Hello Games has time and time again shown that they really believe in this game no matter where such a rocky start left them. This is now a complete game! What’s more is, they are just getting started. There are so many possibilities. The Guildford UK based developer even put multi-player in for good measure, but in a brilliant stroke of genius, made the limited aspect of multi-player part of the lore of the game as you exist currently as only a sphere of light to each other. As if you and other players are playing the same game but on a trans-dimensional plane or parallel reality. I’ve yet to truly scratch the 30 hours campaign that came with the update but from what I have seen thus far, it looks as though the Atlas has dominion over more than just one reality.

The portals seem to have function now

So what’s up with these portals? They appear to have function now, but you’ll have to find out for yourselves! 

Booted up and ready to go, or was I?

I started 1.3 by booting up my original save. I had my original multi-tool, my original pre-class ship with 48 slots. I had about 23 million in units and a small stockpile of materials at a modest base of conservative design. As I got used to the slightly new controls I thought I would experience the key changes as I continued my adventure. Then something happened. I became lost and had a sickly feeling of displacement. I felt as if one leg was in the present and one in the past. I felt that all the knowledge I’ve accumulated over a year had been rewritten just enough to seem familiar, but off in some fashion. I knew not where to find things, my products and materials had different names, some of my blueprints were gone entirely, and my base crew had forgotten missions I had already done for them in the past. I felt so lost. I felt like a man out of time.

I managed to piece together a few things. Of course the internet was there for me to cry on when I couldn’t remember how to do something. Still though, I wasn’t happy as I should be. Perhaps I needed to do the unthinkable. Just maybe I needed to take one last look at my old C class ship and walk away. It was time to start again.

The reawakening

As the white initialization screen faded and I awoke beside my damaged, but entirely new, fighter class ship I began to sense something. Dejá vu’? No! It was more than that. It was nostalgia and excitement. I was starting out again. Clean slate with nothing in my pack but empty slots and not many of them. I read the new introduction to the Atlas Path and started out. What a difference! The galaxy made sense again. Everything had cohesion and tied into the story as it should. It wasn’t long before I came across a crashed hauler – A class with 32 slots. Then a multi-tool – 12 slot pistol, also A class. Things were looking up. Just then I notice as transmission came through my ship’s communications system. Something about an alien I’ve not seen before. It was lost and needed my help. Right there, at that moment, I knew I’d made the right decision. I had work to do and it was going to be a challenge. The story for both the Atlas and the new campaign we all new and I has little by way of high end gear. I felt immersed again in No Man’s Sky. Something I had not in a very long time.

Nada and Polo

Detours and priority shifts

Currently, I am on a planet with a few parts attached to a new home base. The planet isn’t particularly paradise. In fact it isn’t much of anything. The reason I’m here? Well I was flying into the system when I noticed a familiar anomaly. It was Nada and Polo! The first I’ve met them in this saved game. I paid them a visit. After speaking with both of them I opened the console with the multi-tool up for offer. I gasped! I had just started this new game and there sat an A Class, 24 slot White and Black multi-tool. I literally jumped out of my chair. A bargain at 5.8 million units. Daunting because I only had 200k on me at the time. So I am grinding at my current point in the story. Hauling Emeril, doing missions within the system. I want that gun! Nada and Polo won’t leave if I am still in the same system. I have three planets to pillage. This is how an open world game should play like. A detour from the story, a shift in priorities and a whole new set of challenges.

Thank you, Hello Games. The Galaxy is mine again.

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Ryan Brooks
Ryan Brooks
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