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A Galactic Debate

If there is one major source of debate among the ever-growing No Man’s Sky community, it surely has to be whether the game takes place within a single galaxy, or whether in fact there are multiple galaxies. To attempt to remedy galactic confusion, this article aims to draw a line in the sand and deliver as clear picture as we can, pre-release.

The debate appears to originate from an update to the official No Man’s Sky website in late 2014, where the words infinite universe, were replaced with infinite galaxy. This rather innocent update by Hello Games spawned what has become an ongoing difference of opinions between various commentators. Indeed, this ‘controversy’, was acknowledged by Sean Murray himself when asked during the December 2014 Game Informer podcast if No Man’s Sky was a universe or a galaxy (skip to 0:42 in the video below for the specific question and answer).

Galactic Clarity

According to Sean, No Man’s Sky takes place in a procedurally generated universe, with all players starting on different planets on the outer edge of the same galaxy. Expanding on this further when pushed, Sean also specifically references the multi-galactic nature of No Man’s Sky – “we’ve said before there is more than one galaxy”. Unfortunately recent videos posted with IGN and PlayStation have added some confusion with Murray himself referring to the light in the galaxy map being the centre of the universe, however I believe Murray is merely using the term more generically in this case. We know that once a player reaches the centre there is a reason for them to continue playing, even though many may stop at this point. It would seem reasonable to assume this reason is to go on and explore some of these other galaxies, but that has not been confirmed. If that is the case, then it would seem equally plausible that the centre of the galaxy gives you the way to access these other galaxies, perhaps via a black hole that we know exists within the game.

The Game Informer podcast was the clearest direct answer that we’ve had on this subject and it seems unlikely that Hello games would switch from their original plans to have multiple galaxies. Indeed it seems hard to fathom a single galaxy having over 18 quintillion planets.

Unwilling to say any more to avoid spoiling the experience for players, this is as definitive a response on this debate from Hello Games that we are likely to get before players are able to answer this question for themselves from June 21st.

What are your thoughts on the whole galaxy vs universe debate, what do you think lies at the centre? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Tom Hawkins
Tom Hawkins
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